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Bali Single Fin

Bali Island / January 26, 2018

Single Fin is a bar located on a cliff side in Uluwatu, the south part of Bali and is a mecca for surfers worldwide. Sundays are busiest with a great atmosphere however every day of the week is enjoyable at Single Fin. With their DJ’s, arty vibe and beach ambiance it’s a definite chill out zone.

I recommend booking a table through their website, this way you can enjoy an unspoiled view of the spectacular sunset without people in the way trying to take pictures on their phones. Note that they don’t hold tables after 5pm so make sure you get there in enough time, it can get really busy.

The food choice is mostly western however there is a comprehensive Asian section so you can get your ‘Bali’ on.DSC_7030b Single Fin also offers a wide selection of delicious cocktails to get stuck into, that is if you have had enough Bintang while staying on the island.

Even the locals enjoy the best seat in the house when it comes to viewing the sunset.DSC_7066 Enjoy watching the surfers emerge from a day of hard paddling and the hardcore ones who remain out as the sky fades to dusk. Most will make their way up for a drink so ladies – be patient!

Only a brief post but after my three trips to Bali, I never tire of this place. I have seen some of the best sunsets of my life here so please make sure you make the trip to Uluwatu and enjoy Single Fin!

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