16 Bali Halal restaurants with mouth-watering food

Muslim food in Bali

Bali Island / January 25, 2019

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6. Re: Hala/ Muslim food

You can try the Alam Kul Kul hotel's restaurant. The hotel is not very nice to stay but their restaurant is not too bad. The food is Halal, but they do serve alcohol if you are sensitive about that.

There used to be a very nice and pretty cheap stall serving very good Indo food at Kartika Plaza mall in the foodcourt. There is also a Halal BreadTalk there for snacks etc.

Norin - not sure about your luck in Nusa Dua. there does not seem to be many Muslims staying there.in general, food is not going to be especially geared towards Muslims there. In addition, the food there is overall very bad (especially if you really know Asian food) and over-priced. You'll have to do much running to find some decent Halal stuff, especially for dinner. Nusa Dua is boring and questionable from a responsible tourism stance (e.g., land grabs by Tommy Suharto's gang); you should really stay elsewhere (will get better for cheaper).

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