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Pulu Bali Cooking Class

Bali Island / April 28, 2017

My first guest post for - One of Bali's biggest online publications!!

When you’re eating Nasi Campur (that traditional Balinese meal where you point at the plethora of items in the case), there’s always a distinct touch of something that makes it taste like Bali. Any foodie will be able to pick out the hints of garlic, lemongrass, and chilies, but it took a cooking class to pull the curtain back on the complete flavor profile. For any traveler, this is highly recommended as a way to get in touch with the local culture in the purest of ways, through it’s food.

From Kuta to Canggu there are at least a dozen hotels and resorts offering cooking classes and shopping excursions, my friend Peter and I decided to check out The Amala Resort and Spa in Seminyak. Their two hour class features an appetizer, main, and desert but the real secret is in the preparation, where you learn how to make Base Gede, the “all spice” paste that makes a humble chicken dish a Balinese delicacy.