Bali With Kids: Top 51 Things To Do

Things to do in Bali with family

Bali Island / July 14, 2016

When you think Bali, you probably think of a romantic vacation with your spouse, not a family vacation, but Bali with kids is purely magical. Don’t believe me? Read on…

1. Agro-Tourism in Ubud is an amazing experience for kids and adults, alike. As you enter the Balinese jungle you can only amaze at nature. The plants, animals, bugs (eek), and the harmony they all exist in. Children enjoy feeding the animals and amaze at the tall trees while adults (like me) are mesmerized by the quantity of spices, enchanted by the views and delighted at the coffee and tea drinks they offer visitors. Kids will enjoy feeding the civet cats that “produce” the Kopi Luwak and everyone will love observing traditional coffee making processes. .

2. Monkeys here, monkeys there, monkeys everywhere! is is a gorgeous lush forest whose main inhabitants are monkeys! The ticket costs 20, 000 (2 USD) rupiahs and you are able to buy bananas to feed the monkeys just outside the sanctuary. As you walk thru the forest, monkeys approach you and quietly observe if you have anything that they might fancy. Cobblestone lanes lead you thru a maze-like paracours that finishes at a temple. Monkeys are able to roam around freely and so are kids..

3. One Temple, Two Temples, Three Temples: It doesn’t really matter which temple you decide to visit. They are all very similar and give you a clear glimpse of Hindu sanctuaries. You will usually have to pay a menial fee to get a sarong wrapped around your waist and you are able to buy flowers and other offerings right at the temple. The one temple that is definitely unique is the Uluwatu temple that lies by a cliff and is home to hundreds of monkeys. You are also able to watch a very unique fire show that will leave you and the kids mesmerized.