All about the costs for a wedding at Ayana Resort in Bali

Ayana Resort Bali wedding

Resort / August 31, 2016

Every now and then, we stumble upon weddings that make us grab our cups of tea and snuggle up while we dive right into their gallery. The wedding of Ryu and Mariko is one of those weddings. It is remarkable and stunning in so many ways. As their love story began in Japan, for their wedding, they've put together a color palette from the iconic Japanese sceneries - a hint of light blue for the clear blue sky, white for the snow on top of Mount Fuji and pink for the blushing Sakura blossoms. These elements in the midst of the tropical paradise of Bali felt more magical somehow. So, let's dive right into the gallery and soak in its beauty.

Here's what Flying Bride said about the Wedding:

Ryu and Mariko's wedding was one of a kind; so much that it was still crafted on the back of our mind like it was yesterday. We couldn't describe enough on how beautiful the wedding details were, but other than that, the most impression we truly fond of was the personal touches on several details.

Take, for example, in the morning of the wedding day, the hotel staff served fresh fruit together with a magazine style announcement which described the love story of the couple.

On the wedding reception dinner itself, there were special performances from people who were closest to the couple which made the otherwise big and lavish wedding felt so close and personal. The speeches were spoken from the heart, with a very funny video created by the groom's family. As the moment evolved, people laughed, and cried, and laughed again. And as the night concluded people were impressed with how beautiful and memorable the night was.