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Resort / November 2, 2018

Review by Julieen Dungey

We stayed at the Padma Resort at Legian in June 2015, our sixth visit in four years. We are a family of three, and our child is nearly four. Pictures have been taken from the Padma Resort website. No discounts, goods or payments were received by the reviewer from the Padma Resort or any other mentioned establishments for writing this review.

Prices quoted for rooms are best prices at the time of writing, from the Padma Resort website.

At the time of writing AUD $1 = IRP 10, 100. All prices will be quoted in Australian dollars.

We love the Padma Resort, absolutely love it. After staying at a number of different hotels in Bali that cater to families within the same price range, we firmly believe that the Padma Resort is the stand out family resort in Bali. From the moment you arrive you instinctively know that you are in for a very special experience.

Kids Club

A free service at Padma Resort - The Games Centre caters for children aged 10 – 17 years with computers, Nintendo Wii, Play Station and assorted video games and is open from 9am – 8.30pm. The Wolly Kids Club caters for children aged 4 – 12 years, and is staffed by 3 Balinese ladies who conduct the scheduled activities and take care of the children. The Kids Club and Games Centre is newly built and situated next to the new Family Wing and Family Pool and Slide area. The indoor area of the Club is clean and bright with colouring, puzzles, soft toys, lego and books available. A separate TV room plays Disney Junior or PG movies depending on the age and interests of the children attending at the time. There is also a nap area for tired children. Filtered water and juice is available all day. Buffet lunches with healthy/allergy considerate options are available for a small fee. The outside playground has seesaws, and climbing equipment suitable from 2+ upwards and a trampoline. Children older than 4 may attend without an accompanying adult. Younger than 4 will require a parent or a nanny to assist them.

Pool Areas
The Resort has three separate swimming areas. The Family Pool is newly built next to the Family Wing and has 3 water slides suitable for children aged 2+. The Family Pool has a depth of 0.6m at its deepest, but the majority of the pool is at paddling/wading level. There are mini splash pools, water jets, gentle waterfalls and two large raindrop umbrellas showering water streams set in a pleasant garden environment. There are sun lounges, a towel service area and pool service food and drinks menus for both children and adults and an ice cream parlour (large serve of ice cream .50) situated at the entrance to the pool area. The pool has two attendants but children remain the responsibility of parents at all times.

The Children’s Pool is part of the older pool area and is situated under a large waterfall. The depth is 40cm and there is an area with spa jets set within the pool so that parents relax with a spa while being close to their small children. There is a secret cave behind the waterfall that provides a great space to explore and play pirates. Within the area is the Resort’s second largest pool space, the Lagoon Pool, a large meandering pool with a depth of 120cm that winds its way throughout lush gardens and under bridges and waterfalls. Lagoon Access Rooms ($337 per night, including Club Benefits – see Padma Resort website for these benefits) open up directly into this pool, and each Lagoon Access room has a small private pool area that meets up with the larger public pool. There is a swim up bar for the adults that provides snacks and happy hour drink specials. The Bindang Cafe is situated on the edge of the pool and provides more substantial meals throughout the day.

Chidren’s Pool and spa with waterfall and secret cave

The Main Swimming Pool is situated close to the beach and has a deeper depth that ranges between 1.45-1.75cm. This pool is suitable for adults and older children. Water volleyball, water tennis, aqua aerobics, swimming races and bombie competitions are held throughout the day. There is also a swim up bar and food service available.

Padma Resort Accommodation

As a family of three, with a small toddler, we have always been comfortable staying in a Deluxe Chalet (5 per night). There is ample room for the toddler cot (larger generally than Australian travel cots) to be placed in the small entrance alcove, to afford some privacy for the adults. Should the child be too old for a toddler cot, the day bed is set up as an extra bed, but this affords less privacy for parents. Ground floor chalets have a patio and a small garden space with lawn. (Request lawn, as it provides a play space; a few chalets have been planted with creeper instead of grass, which cannot be played on.)

The Padma Resort has a newly purpose built Family Wing with rooms starting at $375 per night. The basic Family Wing room can accommodate 2 adults and 4 children in bunk beds.

Please see the Padma Resort website for the details regarding the variety of the 14 room types the Padma offers.

Please note: Booking via the Padma Resort website always has the best specials and discounts.

Extra info
The Padma breakfast buffet (included in all bookings via the Padma Resort website) is truly a marvel. Freshly squeezed tropical juices, wonderful coffees, tropical fruit, pancakes, pastries, yoghurts, fancy cereals and breads, waffles, an egg station, a large cooked breakfast variety, western and Asian breakfast/ brunch options, salad bar, muffins... the list is truly endless. The breakfast buffet is something you will remember forever! The children also love to feed the huge lazy Coi fish that swim in the pools as you enter the restaurant area. It’s also great fun to try and spy the squirrels in the trees or in the temple statues scattered throughout the Resort.

The SKAI Bar is located within the resort, on the beach. A marvellous place for watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail or nursing a Bintang.

The Padma Resort offers a cooking school in traditional Bali cuisine – great fun! Please see the website for the many activities the Padma Resort offers to guests.

As expected from a Resort of this calibre, the Padma Resort has an excellently serviced gym, sauna/steam room, tennis courts, yoga and activities for adults. There are two beauty spas also located within the grounds and booking your accommodation via the website offers a variety of discounts and specials for various treatments at the spas.

Security is tight at the Padma Resort. All cars and taxis are inspected by guards before being permitted to enter. Roving security guards can be seen walking the resort at all hours of the night.